Simple steps to make hair color last longer


Tips for preserving hair color for long time

Whether you get your hairs colored by professional or color yourself at home, all you will wish during this process is how to make this hair color last longer. It is really a quest for almost every woman to learn how to make hair color last longer. Every girl wants her hair color to last longer like a serious relationship, but in actual the relationship between you and your hair color is like a boyfriend, you got to give and take a few things to save this relation. But if you really want your hair color to last longer, Then here are a few exceptional tips have a look.

Ways to color hair to make it last longer

When you plan to color your hair, it is very important to choose a good quality hair color. Yes, you do not scrub your sensitive skin with a harsh face wash, then why act rude to hairs by choosing cheap hair color? Give your hairs the same importance and choose a hair color which is professional blend. As the professional blend hair color is long lasting and do not let your hair turn gray even after the Brazilian Blowout or any other hair treatment.

Do not forget to deep condition your hairs a week before coloring your hairs. This helps the color to accommodate onto your strands and prevent fading of color for a considerable duration of time. Hence, you can enjoy keratin straightening and different hairstyles without any tension of discoloration of your hairs.

Let the natural oil of your scalp show its magic: Wash your hair at least a day before coloring. This will protect the shaft of your hair and prevent fading. After coloration, use shampoo and conditioner with the main purpose of color protection: The color protection hair products help you to remove extra chemicals and let the color last longer. Whenever you wash your hairs after dying, wash them with cold water. Cover your hairs when you move out in sunlight. Also try and protect them from chemicals to let the color stay for a long period on your head.


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