A Guide to Healthy Hair During Winter

The cold outside and heat inside the house during winter are a precipitate for hair damage during winter. Dry and flaky hair are a common occurrence during winter and it’s therefore important that you come up with a routine to ensure your hair is not damaged. Before winter begins to visit the hair salons and consult the hair stylist on the best regimen for your hair. The hair stylist will check your hair and advise on how best to take care of your mane and when winter is over your hair will be long, luscious and shiny.

Winter Hair Care Tips

  • Fight Hair Dryness

The cold weather and heat inside will leave your hair dry and brittle. Lack of moisture in the air during winter will leave your hair dry and itchier leading to dryness and brittleness. You need to make sure your hair is well hydrated, you can use oils such as olive and coconut oil to keep moisture locked in. It’s however important that you get advice from the hairstylist. If you choose to go into winter with human hair extensions as the protective style, make sure you consult the experts at the hair extensions salon on the best way to take care of your hair. To ensure there is moisture in the air, invest in a humidifier in your house.

  • Control Frizz

Winter is a time for wearing hoods and scarfs which cause static on your hair leading to frizz. If your hair is thick and curly, winter is perfect for permanent hair straightening. Visit the hair straightening salon and let the expert apply the Japanese hair straightening or Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment.

  • Condition your hair more

Your hair is more likely to dry out during winter due to indoor heat, making your hair dull and lifeless. Conditioning will ensure your hair has moisture and give it volume. Massage the conditioner into your scalp to ensure your scalp is well hydrated. Deep condition your hair at least once per week to keep your hair healthy. Rinse out the conditioner with cool water to avoid losing moisture. Avoid using conditioners or shampoos that contain sulfates or alcohol as this will contribute to moisture loss and hair becoming brittle.

  • Regular Trims

Trim your hair 6-8 weeks during winter to ensure that your hair becomes healthy and reduce chances of split ends and breakage. Visit the hair salon and let the hair stylist check for any splits ends and then trim the hair.

  • Avoid Heat Styling Tools

The heat indoors will cause the hair to dry off and additional heat styling will cause the hair to dry more. To avoid exposing the hair to heat styling you can wear protective styling that doesn’t require the use of heat styling tools. If it’s necessary that you use heat styling, make sure you visit the hair straightening salon and let the top rated hair stylist apply the heat tools. The stylist will be able to use the required amount of heat.

Things You Should Never do to Your Hair During Winter

Below simple winter hair care tips

  • Wearing cotton or any other rough materials on your hair as that will lead to breakage
  • Brush your hair when it’s wet as that weakens your hair and tangles it
  • Leaving your hair uncovered during winter will cause your hair to dry and become brittle. Cover your hair as much as possible to help retain moisture.
  • Using hot water to rinse out your  hair as that will strip your hair of natural oils and lead to breakage
  • Going out with wet hair as that will cause hair cuticles to freeze leading to damage. Dry the hair before you leave the house.
  • Failing to eat a balanced diet will cause your hair to be unhealthy and fall off. Vitamins will help keep your hair voluminous and prevent split ends.

Hair fall is one of the major winter woes and your hair requires extra care to keep it hydrated and avoid breakage during this cold season. Whether you are wearing human hair extensions or permanent hair straightening you need to develop a regimen that will ensure your hair remains healthy. The hair stylist will help you come up with the right regimen to ensure your hair remains shiny and voluminous.

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