Simple Tips and Precautions to Follow After a Brazilian Keratin Treatment

A Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is an investment both in terms of time, money and also the immense change in your hair. Once it’s done it’s important that you take care of your hair to ensure it last long and there is no damage to your hair. The treatment will gradually wash off, but with proper care may last over 3 months. You should have the hair color and highlights done before the keratin treatment otherwise you will need to give the hair around three weeks before doing the Coloring.

How to Take care of your Hair after Keratin treatment

  • After Treatment

Before three days are over, don’t wash or swim and protect your hair from the rain. Don’t style the hair to help the keratin treatment settle into your hair properly for best results. During the three days after applying the treatment leave your hair flat always and don’t use any products.In case of any twist on the hair, use a flat iron to smooth it out.

  • Styling

Hair with  keratin hair straightening treatment doesn’t require a lot of styling, you don’t need root lifting sprays. The treatment will keep your hair in the right state without the need to use styling products. To keep the hair looking good blow dry and use a flat iron on the hair in order to extend the life of the treatment.

Why Keratin treatment is good for you

The  keratin treatment work wonders if you

  • Your hair healthy and can handle the treatment. If your hair is too thin it may get more damaged due to the heat
  • Looking to tame frizzy hair, then the treatment results will be amazing
  • If you want to limit the number of times you treat your hair, this will work perfectly

Simple precautions after the keratin treatment

  • Don’t wash the hair too often as this will wash out the results
  • Don’t expose the hair to high levels of chlorine or salt water and cover your hair in case of high UV levels
  • Wear a cap while swimming to avoid chlorine washing out the treatment
  • In case you forget your swimming cap, soak the hair in clean water and apply conditioner to protect the hair from chemical absorption
  • Use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Buy shampoos that are specifically meant for a keratin treatment
  • Deep condition often to keep the hair looking good. Use a deep conditioning mask to help keep the hair less frizzy, smooth and easy to style.
  • Always sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid hair friction and disruption of the hair follicles.

The Brazilian keratin treatment serves to strengthen hair. Go to the hair salon in Rockville for a hair analysis to determine whether your hair is in the right state for a treatment. If you have an itchy scalp or suffering from certain allergies it’s important that you research and consult the hair stylist before doing the treatment.

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