How Do I Prepare My Hair For Extensions?

Are you thinking about installing hair extensions and wondering how do I prepare my hair for extensions? There are plenty of ways to go about it, depending on the extensions you plan to install. To help you understand it better, here are ways to prepare for the different extensions as given by specialists working in salons that do hair extensions:

Preparing your hair for sewn-in extensions

Begin with washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo that will remove all the excess oils or product buildup from your hair. The purpose of washing your hair is to make it easy for extensions to attach and hold better to the hair.

After washing the hair with clarifying shampoo, apply a hair conditioner, then blow, or air dry the hair.

Once the hair is clean and dry, use a comb to section it depending on where the braided base will go.

If you will be covering the entire head with extensions, you need to braid your entire hair. Braid your hair into continuous cornrow braids, then attach the end of a braid to the next braid. If this is the first time, it’s common for your scalp to feel uncomfortable from the tight braids. Thankfully, you can ease the discomfort by adding olive oil or other hair oil to the hair.

How to prepare your hair for clip in hair extensions

Prepare your hair for clip-in hair extensions by buying extensions that match your hair color. You can buy hair extensions that match your current hair color or dye your hair to match the extensions you desire.

Besides the color, the other important factor to consider when buying the extensions is the length of the extensions. Go for extensions that give you the length you desire. If this is the first time you are trying out extensions, you are better off going for shorter extensions as the longer ones can be too heavy for your neck muscles.

Once you have your desired extensions, section your hair into two parts, then hold the two sections using clips. You should then pull most of your hair in the back then secure it with a clip. If you can’t do it, don’t worry as the hairstylist will do it in the salon.

Preparing your hair for tape extensions

Wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, grease, and styling products from the hair. After using shampoo, use a regular conditioner, then blow dry the hair to ensure it’s clean and dry.

Then, you should part your hair into several sections using a rat tail comb. If you will be placing the extensions to your entire head, begin parting your head at the nape of your neck. If you will be putting just a few extensions, start parting at the crown of the head.

For the best outcome, ensure that the sections aren’t too thin. A tell-tale sign that a given section is too thin is you seeing the comb through a hair section.

Finally, apply some alcohol to the root of the hair. To do this, you need to lightly dip a cotton ball in alcohol, taking care not to soak it as applying too much alcohol to the hair will dry it out.

Carefully apply the cotton ball to the hair strands at the areas you have parted the hair. The alcohol will soak up the excess oils at the root of the hair, allowing the extensions to hold better.

There you go

These are some of the ways you can prepare your hair for extensions. You can do the work at home, but for the best outcome, have your hair prepared in a hair extensions salon Olney. Hypno

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