What Not To Do When You Straighten Your Hair?

As much as hair straightening gives you straight hair that is easy to manage, and you don’t need to visit a permanent hair straightening salon, you can easily damage your hair if you do the wrong things.

Would you love to straighten your hair without damaging it? Here is what not to do when you straighten your hair:

Don’t straighten the hair in one piece

As much as you want to complete the straightening as fast as possible, you shouldn’t straighten all the hair in one piece. This is because you won’t be able to reach the hair, hence you won’t straighten all of it.

The best way to go about it is to separate the hair into sections. Hair experts recommend you separate the hair into four sections and work on each section simultaneously.

To prevent the other sections from coming in the way, clip them in place.

As a rule of thumb, never move to the other sections unless you have completely straightened one section.

Don’t use the hottest setting.

You want to keep your hair as straight as possible, so it’s natural to want to use the hottest setting, but don’t.

This is because instead of having straight hair, you damage it.

The right way to go about it is to set your straightener at a high enough temperature, but won’t damage your hair. This is usually 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t straighten wet hair.

It often happens in the morning. You wake up late, then, upon washing your hair, you realize that you don’t have enough time to wait for it to dry up.

Most people reach for the straightener and straighten it while still wet. To protect your precious hair, don’t do this.

Even if you are strapped for time, never straighten wet hair. When you straighten wet hair, you have a hard time doing it, forcing you to keep going over the same strand several times.

As you can guess, when you keep exposing your hair to high temperatures, it gets damaged.

The right thing to do is to wait for the hair to dry before you attempt straightening it. A great way to dry the hair is to wrap it in a towel or shirt for about five minutes, then blow dry it.

If the hair is slightly damp, you can use a wet to dry hair straightener.

To ensure that you always have dry hair in the morning, wash the hair before bed. This way, the hair will be completely dry in the morning.

Don’t ignore the comb.

Use a comb to hold the iron over each strand for perfectly straight hair. Having a comb gets the hair free of any knots and tangles and helps you get more volume.

Like the hair straightener, you need to use a high-quality comb that can withstand the high temperature and properly hold the hair in place.

Don’t forget to protect the hair.

Even if you are using the right temperature setting, protect the hair from damage. One of the best products to use for this is a thermal protectant.

A good quality protectant should protect your hair for up to 450 degrees and resist humidity, reducing the frizz effect. The protectant should also be free of oils and silicones that can weigh down the hair.

Don’t straighten your hair anywhere.

You can straighten your hair at home, but for the perfect results, consider straightening it in a reputable Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville, or any other hair straightening salon. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the salon has experienced stylists that know what they are doing.

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