Can You Use Olaplex After Brazilian Blowout?

Olaplex works excellently as a strengthening pre-treatment for the Brazilian blowout but if you recently had a Brazilian blowout done on you, you must be wondering, can you use Olaplex after Brazilian blowout?

To answer this question, you need to understand how Olaplex works. The formula penetrates the hair shaft and strengthens the hair within before coating the hair with the treatment.

The result is stronger and more flexible hair that is resistant to breakage. Olaplex also enhances hair shine and softness and maximizes the benefits of the Brazilian blowout.

According to stylists working in Brazilian blowout salon, you can use Olaplex after blowout treatment at any time but for best results, wait until the keratin barrier has dissipated.

What other ways can you extend the life of the Brazilian blowout?

Most people use Olaplex to extend the life of their hair but if you don’t want to use Olaplex, there are plenty of other ways you can extend your hair’s life. Some of these ways include:

Wash your hair less frequently

The Brazilian blowout lasts longer when you don’t clean the hair too often. For your hair to last for a long time, minimize the frequency at which you should wash your hair.

For best results, wash your hair no more than three times a week.

When doing the cleaning, be cautious of the products you use. As a rule of thumb, avoid shampoos containing harsh sulfate cleansers in their formula. Also, avoid products with sodium chloride as the salt affects the beauty and longevity of the blowout treatment.

Don’t color the hair after treatment

If you want to add color to your hair, do it before getting the Brazilian blowout treatment. You can do the coloring the same day you receive the treatment and the blowout will seal in the color and enhance the results.

If you plan to color the hair after receiving the treatment, wait for at least two weeks as applying the color earlier will lead to inconsistent results.

When applying color before the Brazilian blowout, color the hair a shade darker than your desired color. This is because the color will fade a little bit during the blowout treatment.

When applying color after the treatment, apply the color at the roof area for maximum preservation of the achieved straightening results.

Cover your hair before and after swimming

Chlorinated water can affect your Brazilian blowout treatment so before you swim, cover the hair to prevent the chlorinated water from getting into your hair.

If you feel you aren’t covering your hair enough, apply the Brazilian blowout smoothing serum on your hair before you swim. The serum serves as a protective barrier protecting your hair from water damage.

The serum also protects your hair from UVA rays hence preserving your hair color.

In the event, you expose your hair to the saltwater or chemicals in the swimming pool, rinse your hair with clean water then reapply the serum.

Deep condition your hair

For healthy-looking and silky hair, use a deep conditioner at least twice a month. You should apply deep conditioning masque to freshly washed hair to infuse the strands with essential proteins. And by doing this you will have shiny smooth looking hair for a long time.

Have the hair done by an expert

You can apply any product on your hair but if the hair isn’t properly done, the products won’t be of much value. If you have made up your mind you want the Brazilian blowout, don’t get the treatment from any Brazilian keratin salon Rockville MD.

Take your time and find an experienced and top Brazilian hairstylist. While the stylist will be a little expensive, the extra amount will be worth it.

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