Caring for Your Hair after Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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Brazilian hair straightening treatments are trending more than ever. It came out as most effective and innovative hair straightening treatment. This treatment actually improves the look and feel of hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair to eliminate the frizz. The end result of Brazilian keratin treatment is smooth, effortlessly manageable, healthy and conditioned hair with radiant shining.

Brazilian keratin treatment care

After getting Brazilian keratin treatment done, you need to pay special attention over hair care to make treatment last as long as possible. Keratin treatment may gradually wash away over time, but by providing proper care, you can make your keratin treatment last about 3 months. The below mentioned tips can help you in making your Brazilian keratin treatment last longer:

Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Hair Coloring

If you are thinking about coloring your hair after keratin treatment, you should wait 3 to 4 weeks. The chemicals present in hair color may damage newly applied keratin and lessen the time span of straight hair.

Styling after the Brazilian Treatment

Blow-dry your hair after shampooing. Avoid using hair products after first shampoo. The chemicals present in hair spray, mousse and root lifting sprays will intervene with keratin and make keratin weaker. You can use these hair products later.

After Keratin Treatment Precautions

To make Brazilian keratin treatment last longer, wash hair less often. You are also required to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water. It means you will have to control yourself during beach and pool parties.

Keratin Aftercare Shampoos and conditioning

In the months following the hair straightening treatment, opt for mild shampoos and conditioners. Provide deep conditioning to hair and scalp at least once in a month. Nowadays, many shampoos and conditioners are specially manufactured for chemically straight hair.

Nighttime Care

Sleep on a silk pillow cover at night. Cotton pillow covers can create friction and disrupt hair follicles. By using a silky cover, you will avoid roughing the strands when you toss and turn.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Reapplication

In order to get consistent keratin look, you are required to make appointment for Brazilian keratin treatment reapplication at the right time. However, do remember to choose good hair straightening salon for this purpose.

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