Everything You Need to Know about Chemically Straightening Your Hair!

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Just like every girl, you might also have fantasized of having smooth and straight hair. Well, with new chemical hair straightening treatments like Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian keratin straightening etc. it is absolutely possible to get rid of kinks and curls. These hair straightening treatments give straight, silky and shiny hair for a long time. Chemical hair straightening treatments can gift perfectly sleek hair to girls having curliest hair. And also, make their hair manageable like never before.

Chemically straightened hair: What you need to know

Every chemical hair straightening treatment has its own process and it would be better if you opt for hair straightening salons for getting these treatments. It is not feasible as well as not recommended to do chemical hair straightening at home. Only a professional hair stylist can appropriately straighten your hair.

How chemical hair straightening is done?

Hairstylists apply a chemical mix on hair. This mix breaks down the hair bonds that are responsible for holding the shape of curls. The chemical mix is left on hair for some time and then hair is treated with heat for oxidizing the chemicals and keeping hair locks straight. Due to exposure of heat and chemicals simultaneously, hair locks store the chemicals and become straight.

After the chemical hair straightening, your hair is not going to get curled again when you wash your hair like they get curled after the temporary hair straightening solutions. They will remain straight and silky for months. Although permanent hair straightening work with every hair type, the hair professional still resists applying this treatment on extremely damaged hair. So, one condition for getting permanent hair straightening is a good hair quality! And if quality of your hair is good, then you can blissfully enjoy the straight hair for a long time.

The hair straightening treatment like Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These treatments embrace you with straight hair for 2 to 4 months. And the best thing is that the chemicals used in Brazilian hair straightening treatments will not damage your hair at all. You can get beautiful hair on which you can make number of beautiful hair styles.

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