How much does a professional keratin treatment usually cost?

relaxed hair

Keratin Extensions

On average, a permanent hair straightening service usually costs between $250 and $300.  While the price may look steep, keep in mind that it will keep your hair soft, straight and luxurious for months on end.  Whether you’re looking for a non-chemical hair straightening method or a keratin treatment, there are tons of ways to keep your hair smooth and relaxed all summer long.  If you have particularly curly hair, we recommend consulting with an experienced hair care professional to find out which hair relaxing technique will last the longest on your hair type.  Heavy duty hair straightening services such as Japanese hair straightening and Brazilian hair straightening is usually required for those with thicker, harder-to-manage hair.

Frizzy Hair Control

While your hair relaxing service will last for several months, you may have to tame your fly aways every now and then.  This can easily be managed by the occasional use of a professional grade ceramic flat iron and hair protecting spray.  Hair smoothing masks can help a great deal to prevent long term drying and damage to your hair.  If you want your new straight locks to be even longer, you can also find gorgeous keratin hair extensions for low prices at local professional hair salons.

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