How to Get rid of Hair Split Ends

Split ends begin slowly but within no time your hair has scraggly ends ,and it becomes frizzy. Split ends result from a poor hair regimen and it’s therefore important that you follow the care routine as advised at the hair straightening salons. In this article, we tell you how to avoid split ends especially after a Japanese hair straightening treatment. Ensure you have the right products for your hair.

What are Split Ends

Split ends occur when the end of your hair strips into two strands. The fraying of the hair shaft into two results in split ends. Split ends are a sign that your hair is experiencing damage. If not well taken care of the problem will lead to further hair damage and eventual breakage. Split ends are one of the reasons your hair doesn’t grow past a certain level.

What Causes Split Ends

  • Bad Hair Habits

Everyday habits such as washing the hair in hot water, failing to keep your hair hydrated will cause your hair to have split ends. It’s crucial to follow the right hair care routine. If you have applied Brazilian keratin treatment make sure that your hair is well hydrated. The hair smoothing and straightening process may cause hair to dry and if not well-taken care of after the treatment  will result in dry hair and eventually split ends.

  • Too much Heat

Too much heat during the Japanese hair straightening treatment will lead to hair splits. Make sure that your treatment is done at the Japanese hair straightening salon by an expert hair stylist who will use the right amount of heat. While styling your hair using heat make sure you do it moderately to prevent damage.

  • Chemicals

Using the wrong or low-quality hair straightening chemicals will make your hair dry and that will result in split ends.

  • Using the Wrong Products

It’s crucial that you invest in the right products for your hair. If you have applied Brazilian blowout, make sure that you have the right products. Consult the hair expert at Brazilian keratin salon on the best products for your hair. After application of the hair straightening chemicals ensure you have the products to keep your hair hydrated.

  • Extreme Weather

Exposure to high levels of heat will make your hair dry and cause split ends. You can protect your hair by using products to protect the hair from harsh UV rays and covering the hair

  • Poor Diet

Lack of a balanced diet will lead to unhealthy hair and that may cause split ends.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends

  • Trim them off

The best solution to tame split ends if you already have them is to trim your hair. Visit the top-rated hair salons and the hair stylist will trim your hair. Failure to trim the splits ends will cause more damage to your hair.

  • Wear Hair Extensions and Give your hair Time to grow

Human hair extensions will give your hair time to grow and minimize chances of split ends. Hair extensions are a protective style that will keep your hair protected in case of extreme weather. Make sure that you visit the hair extensions salon for installation of the extensions

How to Prevent Split Ends

It’s best to prevent split ends before they begin damaging your hair. Below some tips on how to prevent split ends

  • Make sure your hair is nourished inside out by eating a balanced diet
  • Don’t wait till you have split ends to trim your hair. Trim your hair regularly. The hair stylist at the hair straightening will advise you how often you should trim your hair.
  • Invest in the right products
  • Condition your hair often to keep it hydrated
  • Use a heat protector when using heat styling tools. Use UV ray’s protector when the weather is extreme.
  • Use a silky pillow to avoid dry hair

Be gentle when removing hair extensions or when combing your hair

After hair straightening, it’s important to ensure you look after your hair is hydrated and well-nourished to prevent your hair from having split ends. Visit the hair salons often and let the expert stylist assess the state of your hair. Make sure you use the right products and stay healthy for long, shiny and beautiful hair.

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