Getting Hair Extensions for the First Time? 5 Things You Should Know

Are you getting hair extensions for the first time? Here are a few things you should know:

You need to be cautious of the salon you choose

Salons are like hospitals. The same way you can’t get a great experience from a bad hospital is the same way you can’t get a great experience from a bad salon. As a rule of thumb, have your hair done in salons that do hair extensions.

Working with an experienced salon isn’t enough—you need to ensure that the hair stylists working there are also experienced and have great customer service.

There are many types of hair extensions.

The other thing you should know is that there are many hair extensions you can apply to your hair. The most common ones being:

Clip-ins: Don’t like the idea of wearing hair extensions all the time? Clip-ins are the way to go. The extensions are quick, affordable and you can remove them whenever you don’t feel like wearing them. For the best experience with these extensions, go for those that look and feel natural.

There are plenty of ready-to-wear clip-in extensions you can buy, ranging from one piece to 10 piece sets, buns, ponytails, and bangs.

Weaves: Weaves are usually sewn into each braid, and they can last from a few weeks to months, depending on their quality.

Tape-ins: They are considered semi-permanent extensions and are usually lightweight and often lie flat on the head.

Prebonded extensions: Also known as fusion extensions or keratin extensions, prebonded extensions are among the most popular extensions in the market. The extensions are fused into the hair using keratin and a heat gun through a process that lasts over two hours as each extension is connected to the natural hair individually.

Depending on how you take care of them, the extensions can last for up to four months.

Micro rings: With these extensions, the hairstylist attaches the extensions to strands of natural hair using tiny copper rings. The rings come in different sizes and are often distributed across the head to keep them discreet.

Extensions can be expensive.

While there are plenty of cheap extensions you can apply when you are on a budget, good quality and long-lasting extensions don’t come cheap.

The reason for these is because the extensions are obtained from human hair, and those that donate the hair are compensated for it. This is unlike the synthetic extensions that are simply made in the factory.

You should take the consultation seriously.

While there are many types of extensions in the market you can go for, it doesn’t mean you can pick any extensions and place them on your head—you need to be cautious of the ones you go for.

Since this is the first time you are applying the extensions, don’t go at it blindly—consult experienced stylists who will recommend the best extensions to buy depending on your hair color, desired look, and budget.

As you are consulting, you should note that the stylists are experienced and know what they are saying, so you should take their word seriously.

Hair extensions maintenance is key.

You can install the highest quality extensions, but they won’t last long if you don’t take good care of them. Besides cleaning the extensions using the right products and protecting them from any form of damage, make it a habit to visit a hair extensions salon Potomac every few months to inspect the extensions and confirm that everything is okay.

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