Will I Lose Volume After Keratin Treatment?

There are a lot of concerns when it comes to getting Brazilian keratin straightening. Will I lose volume after keratin treatment? Will the color fade? Will your hair grow back looking crazy? 

So many questions, but the general answer is no. You need to choose a great place to go and get it done.

You will likely see a reduction in frizz and static, but the treatment should not adversely impact your natural volume.

What is a keratin treatment?

The keratin treatment process involves the application of a keratin solution to the hair, which is then heated. This strengthens the hair, reducing frizz and creating smoothness. The formula is also intended to add shine to the hair.

Keratin treatments are used to get smoother, silkier hair. Your stylist will use a flat iron to pass over the hair and form the keratin bonds. Just like you would with any other chemical treatment, you want to make sure that you take care of your hair after the treatment is done. 

The effectiveness of a keratin treatment varies based on several factors, including hair type, length, and desired result. Healthy hair with strong follicles will hold more moisture than other hair types

In addition, healthier hair has more elasticity, which allows for greater volume retention after a keratin treatment. Hair shorter than eight inches can often be treated; however, longer lengths may experience less volume due to lack of weight.

But what happens when you go from curly to straight? Will your volume be lost? How much volume you lose depends entirely on the aftercare. 

What does keratin treatment do?

Treating your hair with keratin can make it appear as if you have lost some of your volume. This may be because keratin strengthens your hair, so it feels thicker and appears fuller. 

However, if you have very thick hair, this may only be an illusion as the treatment will not make it appear thicker than normal.

When you have the treatment, your hair will feel like it has been dyed. This is because the product goes into the water and milk inside your hair and makes them harden.

As long as you have healthy hair, it shouldn’t change your volume, no matter what kind of treatment you’ve got. The only thing that can reduce your volume is unhealthy hair. 

However, suppose you want to keep your natural volume after straightening. In that case, you should also take care of your hair, like eating nutritious food and exercising to help blood circulation in the scalp.

How to take care of your hair after keratin treatment

The first thing you’re going to want is to wash your hair as soon as possible after having keratin treatments done. 

If you don’t wash your hair right after the treatment or within 24 hours, then there’s a chance that any permanent bonds formed with the keratin in your hair will not stay permanently bonded. 

So if this is something you’re considering having done, keep in mind that it might not last forever if it’s not washed immediately after having it done.

Bottom Line

It’s a common concern for women thinking about visiting a Brazilian keratin salon Rockville, but the truth is that you won’t lose volume because of this treatment. You might lose some curl and frizz, but if that was the look you were going for, then who cares about a little volume? If you like your hair, there’s nothing to worry about.

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