Hair styling tips for teens!

hairstyling tips

Sizzle and Dazzle with perfect hairstyle

Every fashion loving teenager has the desire to become a fashion icon of their school or college. Well, it is possible to full fill this desire, you just have to wear the right clothes, trendy footwear, little makeup, matching accessories and most importantly, opt for the perfect hairstyle. Your hairstyle plays vital role in crafting your image as a fashion icon. In order you get noticed in your circle (or outside the circle), you have to try different hairstyles at different interval of time.

Yes, you need not have to get frequent haircut to get different hairstyle. If you get a haircut from a savvy hairstylist, you can make several hairstyles from one haircut only. Different hairstyle means different look, this is the secret behind versatile look of Hollywood celebrities. You can also make use of this trick to make your style statement.

Hairstyling Advice for girls

Girls, you have several hairstyling. No matter what is the length of your hairs, in what condition your hairs are and what accessory you use for hairstyling, you can do a lot from your haircut. There are varieties of hairstyles you can opt for perfect look. The loose braids are categorized under trendy hairstyles. You can make loose braids in the routine life of school and colleges. Braids are so much in fashion nowadays, along with loose braids, messy braids are ruling over hairstyling cosmos. These braids can give you casual look and you can consolidate your presence. The hairstyle which you can make in routine life is the ponytail, French braid, barrettes and headbands and many more.

Now, to become a fashion icon, you have to look different at special occasions. Your hairstyle during dance, prom, party, day out, date etc, should be different from your regular hairstyle. You have to choose the best hairstyle which can bring dramatic change in your personality. For this purpose, girls with wavy hair can try hair straightening and girls with straight hair can go with cute curls. You can even try cool hair extensions to get entirely different hairs for respective occasion. Also, hair highlighting and coloring are good alternatives.


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